Reasons To Choose A Boat With An Outboard Motor

If you are currently shopping for a new boat, you will notice that different boats use different types of motors. The two main types of motors are inboard and outboard motors. Outboard motors are a classic option and have many benefits. Here are some reasons to choose an outboard motor. Outboard Motors Are Easier to Access One of the top benefits to choosing a boat with an outboard motor is the fact that they are much easier to access. [Read More]

Learning How To Golf

If you are looking for a low-impact sport to help you stay active and healthy, you should consider learning how to golf. The sport is not just for business executives making deals as they play at luxury golf courses or fanatic Tiger Woods wannabees. Golf is not hard on your body like running or other aerobic activities but it is still a moderately intense activity that can help you lose calories and increase your metabolic rate. [Read More]

Want To Buy A Used Offshore Fishing Boat? Things You Need To Look For

If you are planning to buy a used offshore fishing boat, you need to be careful in what you choose. You want to make sure it is in great condition so it will last you for a very long time. Below are three different things you need to look for to buy the best boat that you can. Performance One of the most important things you need to look for is the performance of the boat. [Read More]

Fly Fishing 101: Exploring The Best Wet And Dry Flies

When going fly fishing for the first time it's normal to have no idea what type of bait you should be bringing. After all, bringing the right flies and knowing the right way to use each different kind is something that comes with experience. This guide offers the three best dry and three best wet flies as well as a little background information to make every fishing trip a successful one. [Read More]