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Beyond Ballet: Other Types Of Dance Classes Suitable For Beginners

Many people who start taking dance classes opt for ballet classes. Ballet is a classical style of dance with a rich history, and often, learning ballet will make it easier for you to then learn other dance styles. But if ballet does not appeal to you, then that does not mean you can't take and enjoy a beginner dance class. Here are a few other types of dance classes that you might want to consider.

Ballroom Dancing 

Do you ever watch old Hollywood movies and wish you knew how to ballroom dance like the characters in those movies? If so, ballroom dancing lessons might be a good choice for you. Ballroom dancing does not require as much strength or flexibility as some other styles of dance. However, it does certainly get you moving, and learning the choreography of the different dances is good mental exercise. You can learn the Waltz, the Foxtrot, and so much more. Ballroom dancing classes usually cater to adults, but you can find ones for children, too. Since most ballroom dancing is partner dancing, this can also be a good way to make friends and meet new people.

Hip Hop

Hip hop music is quite popular these days, so learning the hip hop style of dancing can feel very fun and contemporary. Kids and teens often love hip hop dance classes as their first introduction to dance. This style does tend to be more athletic, and most of the dances are individual or group dances — not partner dances. There may be elements of gymnastics worked into the classes, too. If you or your child are looking for a higher-energy type of dance class, hip hop should be high on your list. Knowing hip hop dance will come in handy at parties, too.

Tap Dancing

Tap dancing has been around for many years. It may not be as popular as it once was, but it still has quite a following due to its unique nature. Dancers wear special shoes with metal plates on the front, and they make a tapping noise as they dance. Tap is high-energy, child-friendly, and can incorporate individual, partner, and group dance moves. Tap dance classes can also help participants develop a sense of rhythm. 

Taking dance classes does not have to mean taking ballet. You may enjoy hip hop, ballroom, or tap classes more. Register for a class that appeals to you.

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