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How To Own Firearms And Ammunition Safely

Guns can protect homeowners in the case of a home intrusion. However, these valuable tools can quickly become dangerous if not handled properly, especially with children in the house. Gun owners should honor the power of their weapons by learning how to responsibly store and handle them. 

1. Buy a Gun Safe

Gun owners need a safe place to store their guns, and heavy, fire-proof gun safes offer an excellent solution. Children and burglars won't be able to get into the safe, keeping the gun away from anyone but the owner. These safes often have multiple compartments for ammunition or other items, and they weigh enough to deter theft.

When picking a gun safe, you will choose one of the following types of safe locks: mechanical, electronic, EMP, key, or biometric. You will also have to choose between moving live bolts or static deadbolts, the number of bolts, and the size of the safe.

2. Keep Gun Unloaded/Locked

Place your gun safe in an easily accessible location for you, but you should keep the gun unloaded and locked. In the rare case that you will need to use your gun, it will only take seconds to load it (after enough shooting practice). Keeping the gun loaded creates unnecessary risk.

3. Get Proper Training 

While laws vary from state to state, most government bodies require citizens to go through gun safety classes before issuing them a Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) card. Even if not required, gun safety classes are a great idea for new gun owners. Classes will cover gun safety extensively, but they will also provide tips on shooting. You'll learn a lot more about your new weapon and meet some like-minded people along the way. Of course, it's not enough to go to gun safety classes—you have the apply the material at home.

4. Keep Guns Away From Children

Be especially careful not to place your guns in a place accessible by children, such as your dresser or unlocked car. Many children will disobey orders for the opportunity to hold the gun and possibly even shoot it. Do not tempt them. When children turn into teenagers and start to show maturity, you can safely introduce them to hunting and practice shooting.

When used properly, guns can be valuable. After all, guns helped our forefathers in their fight for independence. However, gun owners must proactively learn gun safety and use their guns responsibly.

Contact a local firearms dealer to learn more.