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Features You Should Consider For A Center Console Boat Option

If you are in the market for a boat upgrade, you may be considering a center console boat. This is one of the more popular options with families and with avid water sportsmen. If you are considering a center console, there are some upgrades you may want to think about. Here are a few of the features you should consider for your new boat upgrade and how those features can help you. 

Digital GPS Tracking

One of the key upgrades you should make to your center console boat is adding digital GPS tracking. Some people believe the GPS tracking on their phone will be enough. However, if you do hit a rough patch of weather and get off course, the center console GPS device may be able to help you back to safety. The onboard GPS can also help the Coast Guard if you need rescuing. Having one GPS on your phone is a good idea. However, having the center console GPS can be an ideal option as a first resort for assistance. 

Satellite Compass

If you are headed to a particular fishing spot or to a set area for the day, you will likely use a compass of some kind. One upgrade you should consider for your center console boat is a satellite compass. The satellite compass will give you a more accurate location of where you are and where you are going. This piece of navigation equipment can be vital if you plan on doing night fishing where compass location needs to be as accurate as possible. The satellite compass can fit directly into your center console and digital panels and work alongside your GPS and other equipment. 

Fish Finder Software

Some people use a handheld fish finder device. Though these options can be useful, having an onboard console fish finder may be ideal if you fish regularly. Fish finders can help you not only locate fish in areas you are not accustomed to fishing in, but they can also help you see the amounts of fish in that area. This can help increase your catch for the day and also make your fishing easier.

When you are ready to invest in your center console boat upgrade, contact your local boat dealer. They can show you the models they have in stock. They can also discuss the different options you have for console upgrades depending on your boating activities. They can also answer any questions you have regarding the upgrades and any other features you may want on your new boat.