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Small Pistol Primer Myths

For gun enthusiasts, there are many different options that are available to them when it comes to customizing the look and performance of their firearm. In particular, new gun enthusiasts may not fully understand the entire range of options that are available to them due to the prevalence of some common myths about small pistol primers. Here are a few myths regarding pistol primers and the facts to combat them.

A primer will have little effect on firing the gun

There are individuals that assume the hassle of using small pistol primers will not be worth the results that it will provide. However, the primer that you use in your ammunition can substantially improve the performance of the gun in a number of ways. For example, a primer can ensure that the ammunition discharges efficiently so that the bullet will have the highest projectile speed possible. Whether you are shooting at a target range or for self-defense, consistency in firing the gun can be critical for accuracy.

The type of primer that you use is not important

An assumption that some people have about primers is that they are fully interchangeable between guns. However, this is not the case, and it can be extremely dangerous to use the wrong type of primer for the firearm that you are preparing ammunition for. For example, using a primer that is designed for use in a rifle for your small pistol can lead to a significant risk of injury, as well as likely destroying your gun. For this reason, you should only use small pistol primers for your pistol and rifle primer in your long guns. If you have both types of firearms, make sure that you keep the different types of primers clearly labeled to avoid accidentally using the wrong one in your gun.

Quality is not important when choosing primers

As with most things, the quality of the primer that you use will be extremely important. High-quality primers are designed to ignite more efficiently and consistently. While quality primers may cost slightly more, the performance gains that they will be able to provide can be instrumental in boosting the performance of your small pistol. Furthermore, high-quality primers are more likely to be able to easily withstand the stress of being stored for a lengthy period of time without degrading. This can be important for those that live in areas where obtaining primers would involve a significant drive as they may prefer to buy their primers in bulk.

For more information on small pistol primers, contact a local gun supply company, like Down Range Dynamics, LLC.