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What To Look For In A Great Murder Mystery Game

If you are planning a murder mystery game for your team, family, or group of friends, you should know that they are not all created equal. A murder mystery game is one in which there are a group of people all pretending to be characters in a story and all trying to figure out the mystery at hand. Murder mysteries are usually collective and can be extremely fun for everyone involved...most of the time. Here are a few things to look for when trying to choose a murder mystery game for your group to play.

Is the Host Involved?

One challenge of many murder mystery games is that the person who worked so hard to throw the party can't be involved in the solving process. They usually know every part of the challenge, and often end up sitting on the sidelines and watching their guests have fun. Be aware that there are some murder mystery games out there that include the person setting up in the fun. Don't settle for less. 

Does the Murderer Know They Killed Someone?

Most of the time the people you are playing with will not be the best actors. That is all part of the fun. However, if the pretend murderer knows that they are the guilty one, and they are not a good actor, they could give the secret away easily. You may want to find a mystery game that lets everyone figure out who the murderer is together — including the murderer!

Is Memorization Required?

Some of the more in-depth murder mysteries may require that some of your guests have prep time to prepare specific lines. This could be fun if you are with the right group, or it may turn into people reading their lines from papers, kind of ruining the magic. Just be aware that it may be necessary. 

Is the Game Family Friendly?

Depending on who you are playing with, you may want to make sure that the game is clean in both language and sexuality. If you are playing with your family or your friends from church it could ruin the fun if a steamy affair or harsh language is involved. There are many family-friendly murder mystery games available online.

In conclusion, with a little bit of investigating you should be able to determine if the game you are planning will be doable and fun. Make sure to find answers to the questions above in order to go into your murder mystery party aware of what to expect and how to prepare. You and your guests will hopefully have a great time uncovering the mystery. 

Reach out to a murder mystery party game supplier for more information.