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Benefits Of A Backyard Playset Installation During The Pandemic

The pandemic has changed so many traditions and daily habits. For children, the closing of public parks has led to a loss of playground equipment use. One way to help replace the loss with the installation of a backyard wooden playset.

The playset not only gives a child access to public elements they lost, but comes with other benefits.

Outdoor Activities

As people stay home more to avoid COVID-19 exposure, a backyard playset will provide outdoor activities and physical fitness for a child. Daily activity on a playset goes a long way in helping with physical and mental health.

Physically, a child will stay in shape and remain active each day. Mentally, the physical activity on an outdoor playset will release endorphins in a child. Endorphins are essential for reducing stress and creating happy feelings with people.

Even just 30 minutes a day will help a child with outdoor exercise, but the features of a playset could encourage children to play and exercise outside for much longer.

Creative Imagination

In many homes, screen time has increased since of the start of the pandemic. A new playset installation will help decrease screen time and encourage a lot of imaginative play. For example, a child may turn an elevated playset loft into a castle or a pirate ship. The whole area could become a superhero headquarters.

Many areas of a backyard playset provide children with locations to use action figures or dolls. The open play on the playset allows a child to think creatively, expand their mind, and come up with fun and unique ways to enjoy the different areas. Many times, parents can get involved and help foster a child's imagination.

Building Motor Skills

If your child went to school, the playground equipment used at recess would have provided daily ways for a child to increase their motor skills. The use of monkey bars, ladders, swing, and interactive playground elements all helped build motor skills and increase strength. The loss of the school playground due to a pandemic shutdown eliminates this equipment use.

The installation of a playset in your backyard will replace the loss of recess and general park use. As you choose between wooden playsets, look for elements that include grips and climbing sections. Anything, that will involve your child to use their hands will naturally increase their motor skill ability and build up new skills with each day of use.

For example, an angled climbing wall or rope wall will help build grip and strength in the hands.

Not only will a playset help a child through the pandemic, but it creates an outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.