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4 Ways To Display Your Children's Trophies

If your child has started to collect trophies through their participation in sports and various event, you are eventually going to need to come up with a way to display these trophies. Here are four tips on how to display your children's trophies.

#1 Invest In Shelves For Trophies

If your child is starting to accumulate large trophies, such as traditionally shaped trophies or ones that are shaped more like a cup or a bowl, you are going to want to invest in some shelving to display your children's trophies. You are going to want to invest in either some sturdy shelving or a trophy case for these larger physical trophies.

This will allow you to display the trophies so that you can see what is engraved and written on the trophies. Consider putting the shelving or trophy case at your kid's high, so that they can show off their trophies to visitors and see their achievements. Don't put them up so high that your child can't enjoy their achievement.

#2 Use Hooks Or Knobs For Medals

If your child participates in events where they win custom medals, you are going to need a different way to display these achievements. Some of the best ways to display medals is by putting up some hooks or some decorate knobs that your child can hang-up their medals on. You can even arrange the hooks and knobs in a creative pattern to make their medal display more visually appealing.

#3 Combine The Displays

Another way to display your child's medals, if your child has a combination of medals and trophies, is to put stuffed animals on the shelving with the trophies and put the medals around the stuff animals so that they are on display as well. You could also install hooks on the bottom or front side of trophy shelving for your child's medals.

#4 Add Pictures

Finally, you can make your child's trophy and medal display more meaningful by adding pictures of the event that they were participating in. This will visually connect the skill, action, or event that they participated in with the award. This is a great way to help your child to appreciate the memory of the event and not just the award that they won at the event.

Work with your child to come up with a method for displaying their trophies and medals that allows them to enjoy and appreciate their accomplishments.