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Planning A Golf Vacation? Here Are Some Tips To Consider

If you and a friend enjoy few things more than heading to your local public golf course for a round on a sunny day, it's worthwhile to think about taking a golf trip together. Whether you stay in your state or travel a little farther away, you can scout out a number of public golf courses in a specific area and plan to visit them. Provided that you can find nearby accommodations, dining options, and maybe some other attractions to enjoy, you'll have the foundation of a perfect trip created. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will augment your enjoyment of your golf vacation.

Pack Full Rain Gear

If you golf around your home fairly regularly, you might not own rain gear — after all, you might not see the point of golfing in a downpour when you can just wait for a better day. On a golf vacation, though, you'll want to play your scheduled rounds, even if the weather is poor. A wet day of golf can be miserable, but you'll enjoy the experience fully if you each pack full rain gear. Waterproof pants and a jacket, as well as a hat and some waterproofing spray for your shoes, will be valuable and can be the difference between you getting out and enjoying a round of play or sitting in your hotel hoping for the weather to subside.

Contact Courses In Advance

Many public golf courses appreciate golfers who visit from afar and may offer some incentives for doing so. When you're planning your golf vacation, reach out to each of the courses that you plan to visit to explain your trip and book a tee time. At the same time, don't be afraid to ask if there are any incentives for travelers. A course may give you a discount on your rate, a free bucket of balls to use at the driving range, or a discount coupon to use at the pro shop or clubhouse restaurant.

Drive If You Can

While the idea of flying might be highly appealing, the risk of having your golf clubs (since they'll need to be checked at the airport) lost can be a real concern that would derail your trip. Instead of flying, think about driving instead. If you drive, you'll be able to scout out a perfect route and visit some courses on the way to your final destination, all without worrying about whether your clubs will make the trip with you.

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