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Tips For Caring For Inflatable Boats

Inflatable rafts and boats can be highly efficient for those that enjoy being on the water but want a convenient option. For those that have recently purchased inflatable boats, there are a few important safety precautions that should be taken to prevent the boat from encountering problems or suffering damages.

Be Mindful Of The Temperature When Inflating The Boat

If the temperature on the day you use the boat is expected to be extremely hot, you may want to slightly under inflate the boat. Heat will cause air to expand, and this may greatly weaken the boat's seams. Eventually, this may cause it to sprout a leak, which could render it unusable. By opting for a white or light colored boats, you may help to reduce this effect as these colors will reflect some of the sun's heat.

Transport And Store The Boat In A Padded Container

One of the more common threats to an inflatable boat will be punctures. These punctures can form from a variety of causes, but there are some simple steps that can greatly reduce the risk of this damage while you are storing or transporting the boat. In particular, you will want to make sure that it is placed in a storage container that has ample padding in it. Alos, it is important to choose a storage container that will have ventilation. This will prevent condensation from forming on the raft while it is stored. If this occurs, and the condensation is not able to evaporate, it could lead to mold damaging the boat.

Only Use Approved Cleaning Solutions On The Boat

Cleaning the boat is an important thing to do after each time that you use it. Unfortunately, some boat owners will not be thoughtful when it comes to the type of cleaning solution that they use. Harsh or acidic cleaning solutions can damage the lining of the boat, and if this occurs, leaks and punctures will be more likely to form. You can avoid these issues by only using very gentle cleaning solutions, such as mild dish soap, or those that have been specially formulated for use on inflatable boats.

Properly caring for your inflatable boat is essential for keeping this vessel as reliable as possible. By having an understanding about the need to slightly under inflated the raft when it is hot outside, store it in a padded container and using the appropriate cleaning solutions, you should be able to avoid some routine issues with these vessels.