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Three Design Features For Your Ranch House If You're Planning On Owning Horses

If you've decided that you want to own horses, then you need to plan for the right architectural features for your property. While you have probably spent a lot of time researching the best breed of horse, and are excited about riding them, it's important to understand that you need to have dedicated structures built for them.  You can't simply get a couple of horses and let them hang out in your backyard. So, even though you have a ranch home, you will need to build the following three items in order to accommodate the new horses.

A Stable To House The Horses

The horses need somewhere to sleep and rest. You don't want them wandering around in the pasture all the time. The stable is where the horses will take shelter during poor weather, as well as where you will keep the grooming materials. The stable doesn't have to be too large, but it does need to have adequate room for all of your horses. The classic design is that of a barn with individual stalls for each horse. If you only have one or two horses, you can have a small covered stable built, you don't need to have a huge barn built.

Split Rail Fencing For Your Property Line

It's important to make sure that your property line is fenced in. Horses will wander off the property if they are left to their own devices. They don't require a solid fence or a really tall one (they are not like dogs that will try and break out) so you don't have to line your property with a picket fence. Old style farms would often use barb wire, to keep both horses and cows in, but they also would use split rail fences. Barb wire is a bit too industrial, so you might prefer a nice split rail fence. These are really classic wood fences that you will see on many horse farms in the country.

A Horse Corral For Exercise

You also need to have horse corral built. These are the outdoor spaces where you will take your horses to walk them, exercise them, and let them wander around in a semi-enclosed space. These can either be built of steel, aluminum, or wood. You should speak with the horse corral builders and discuss the best choice in material. If you get the aluminum, you can opt for a powder coated design and have it painted a black, white, or any other color.

The corral is a good place for the horses morning workout. If you don't plan on taking the horse for long walks or runs (perhaps you don't have easy access to trails) then the corral is the perfect place to setup for your horse so that it can have daily exercise. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Rarin' To Go Corrals.