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3 Things To Know Before Your First Skydiving Jump

Exiting a moving plan while it is thousands of feet in the air can seem crazy to some people, but it can be the thrill of a lifetime for others. If you are thinking of skydiving, then you may find yourself pondering some important questions.

Here are three things that you need to know to help put yourself at ease prior to your first skydiving jump.

1. You will not be alone.

Many people are surprised to learn that skydiving isn't a solo activity. At least it's not a solo activity until you gain quite a bit of experience. Your first skydiving jump will be a tandem jump with an experienced instructor.

This means that you won't have to worry about remembering to properly deploy your parachute or using proper technique to jump out of the plane. You just have to come along for the ride and let your instructor do all the hard work.

2. Skydiving isn't an athletic activity.

You don't have to be a finely-tuned athlete in order to successfully complete your first skydiving jump. As long as you are able to pump your legs up and down without difficulty, you are prepared to complete your first jump.

The only physical requirement that most skydiving companies have (aside from ensuring you are in good health) is a weight limit. Be sure to contact the skydiving classes where you will be completing your first jump to ensure that you don't exceed that weight limit and so that you can avoid some embarrassment when it's time to complete your first skydiving jump.

3. You will enjoy your jump.

Some inexperienced skydivers worry that they will experience a fear of heights or that they will become sick during their first jump. If you are concerned about these things, you should rest assured knowing that they are highly unlikely.

In fact, you are so high up when you jump from the airplane that the scenery can appear unreal. This tricks the brain into believing that it is not at a great height, reducing the potential for a fear of heights to kick in. You are probably more likely to experience motion sickness on a roller coaster, so you shouldn't worry about becoming sick during your jump.

Experiencing your first skydiving jump can be both exciting and a bit frightening. Take some of the mystery out of the jump process by recognizing that you won't be alone, you don't need special athletic ability, and that you will enjoy your jump.