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Effective Methods To Avoid "Printing" When Carrying A Concealed Weapon

For people who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, the term "printing" carries special significance — and some concern. In the CCW world, printing refers to a situation in which the outline of your firearm is visible, even though it's beneath your clothing. Depending on where you live, you're at risk of legal problems if you're printing, and there's always the risk of a criminal knowing that you're armed and attempting to disarm you. There are a variety of ways that you can avoid printing and safely and securely carry your firearm in public. Here are some ideas.

Dress The Right Way

It's common to be printing if you're wearing a pistol on a holster tucked inside your pants and you have a thin or tight shirt on. In this scenario, the imprint of the butt of your firearm will be visible through your shirt, leaving you in an undesirable situation. You can avoid this problem by giving proper consideration to how you dress. For example, if you're wearing a pistol in this location, a long sweater, hoodie, or jacket is a good idea. Make sure that your garment fits loosely, too, so that the excess material will be bulky enough to avoid people detecting your gun.

Opt For A Smaller Weapon

Many people who get CCW licenses are eager to carry a large-caliber firearm, but this isn't always practical. Larger guns are more difficult to adequately conceal, and thus more susceptible to printing. Talk to your local gun dealer about an alternative choice for carrying when you're in public. For example, you might feel that you wish to carry a .40 caliber pistol for protection, but a small .22 caliber revolver with a snub nose can still make you feel secure — and be far less bulky when you're trying to conceal it.

Consider Your Movements

Often, the manner in which you move can cause printing or avoid it. For example, if you're wearing your concealed weapon in an ankle holster, the last thing you want to do is sit in a restaurant with your legs crossed in front of you, as your pant leg can roll up and partially reveal the firearm. Similarly, if you have a holster on your belt at the small of your back, you should avoid leaning forward to the point that your shirt slides up and reveals your weapon.

If you're concerned about printing, make sure to ask for advice from a licensed CCW instructor in your area. Contact a company like Nebraska Personal Defense for more information.