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Home Security: 4 Advantages Of Owning An SBR

While shopping for guns, there are a lot of different types and options to choose from. One of these options is an SBR or Short-barreled rifle. When properly registered, they are legal to own in the United States. If you are looking for a gun to add some extra home security, then an SBR may be one of your best options. By learning about the different features of the gun, you can see the advantages and ways that they can be successfully used for self-defense. Choosing the proper gun is the best step to ensuring your home is defended and you are fully prepared for any type of emergency situation.

Shorter Barrel

One of the best advantages of purchasing an SBR is the shorter barrel. This makes a gun a lot easier to maneuver and carry around. For example, if you feel like there is an intruder or wild animal in your home, then it will be easier to travel from room to room with the gun. You can leave the gun in a pointed position without bumping into corners or walls. As you try to fend off intruders, the shorter barrel also makes the gun a lot more challenging to wrestle away from you. No one can easily grab the end or try to swipe the gun out of your hand. The shorter barrel also makes it easy to aim and make accurate shots as needed. For example, if you're trying to shoot somebody in the leg to scare them away, you can accurately shoot in that position instead of focusing on a more fatal part of the body.

Lighter Weight

A large rifle is heavy and can often feel front-loaded. By purchasing an SBR, a lot of the weight of the barrel is removed. This makes the gun a lot easier to handle. If you only use the gun in emergency situations, it can make it a lot harder to carry the full weight. By choosing a lighter weight, you will be ale to carry the gun and stay protected without feeling too fatigued or overwhelmed. A gun shop can help you compare different SBR choices and choose the lightest option. For example, you may like a specific type of gun, but you can choose one with a short barrel that is a little bit lighter than other versions.

Powerful Shots

One of the main reasons to choose an SBR over a smaller handgun is the power that comes with it. You can quickly scare off or get rid of any intruders with a loud and powerful weapon. Instead of firing multiple shots on a smaller gun, you can get a lot more power and impact with the rifle. While shopping for the guns, you can choose ones that take high caliber bullets and pack a lot of punch. A lot of these rifles are shoulder-based and allow you to handle the impact when a shot is taken. Once you purchase the gun, you can practice using it at a shooting range. This will help you adjust to the power that comes off.

Storage Options

Having quick access to your gun will make it easy to handle any type of dangerous situation or intrusion. The shorter barrel makes it easy to store the gun in a dresser or underneath the bed. If you have any children in the house, then you can easily fit the rifle in a small gun safe instead of buying a giant one that takes longer to access. The quicker you can access your gun, the easier it will be to fend off any intrusions and properly defend yourself.

Browse online gun shops, such as DSGARMS, to find out about any rules or regulations when it comes to purchases.