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Reasons To Choose A Boat With An Outboard Motor

If you are currently shopping for a new boat, you will notice that different boats use different types of motors. The two main types of motors are inboard and outboard motors. Outboard motors are a classic option and have many benefits. Here are some reasons to choose an outboard motor.

Outboard Motors Are Easier to Access

One of the top benefits to choosing a boat with an outboard motor is the fact that they are much easier to access. These are at a higher level and on the outside of the hull, as opposed to an inboard motor that is beneath the hull of the boat. This means you can easily get to it if you need to maintain the motor or lubricate the moving parts to ensure it is working properly. The motor is also not directly in the water at all times, so maintenance overall is usually less involved than with an inboard motor.

You Have More Room in the Boat

If you had a boat with an inboard motor, it would be installed inside the boat, which is covered by housing. This unfortunately gives you a little less room inside the boat for sitting and moving around. If you want as much room as possible inside the boat, then going with an outboard motor is usually best. You also have the option of an inboard/outboard motor to get benefits of both options, but this is still in the cockpit, also taking up more space than an outboard motor.

Handling Is Easier With an Outboard Motor

The outboard motor isn't just more convenient, but it can help the boat be easier to handle as well. This is especially important if you are new to boating, since steering might take some getting used to. With an outboard motor, you are turning the engine as a whole, going in the direction of the boat's propulsion, so it tends to be a little easier to do than if you had an inboard or an inboard/outboard boat. With an inboard motor, you need a little more skill to turn the boat since there is more involved than just letting the propellers guide you in the right direction.

Outboard Motors Cost Less

If you are looking for more of a budget-friendly boat motor, outboard is the one to go with. It is not as complicated to build as an inboard motor, therefore you benefit by saving quite a bit of money. This is good news when you are already on a limited budget.

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