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Three Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaning Tips

As an environmentally conscious boat owner, you may be understandably concerned about the effect your hobby is having on the environment. You want to participate in nature and continue to enjoy it for decades, not destroy it. And how you clean your boat can make a difference in what type of influence you are on the marine ecosystems you frequent. One of the big things that can have a negative effect on your favorite waterways is developing bad boat cleaning habits. Combating any tendency toward negative cleaning habits can be a big step in the right direction. Here are three practical tips that you can incorporate into your boating habits to ensure that you are as Earth-friendly as possible.

1. Wash early and often

First of all, the frequency and timing of your boat cleaning can have an enormous impact. If you don't wash your boat often and correctly, you could unknowingly carry invasive species that will invade the next body of water your boat encounters. For this reason, it's recommended that you wash your boat thoroughly with water after each excursion. You also need to empty out any water that you may have in containers on board and wash the buckets out, because these can also carry aquatic life.

2. Maximize elbow grease

When washing your boat, it's occasionally necessary to use a cleaning product to remove grime. When you do use cleaning products, be sure to use gentle ones designed to clean boats without harming nearby marine habitats. However, you can reduce how often you need to use cleaner by washing the boat as thoroughly as possible with elbow grease and water. Instead of doing the bare minimum just to remove any species of aquatic life that may be hitching a ride, you can take the opportunity to scrub the boat until it shines. This will both keep your boat looking great every day and will prevent the buildup of grime, reducing the need to use cleaning products.

3. Be mindful of runoff

One of the reasons it's important to do your boat cleaning right after an excursion rather than right before the next outing is so you can allow the boat to dry in the sun (ideally for several days), further reducing the chances of stowaways. Another reason is if you clean the boat near the next waterway, runoff could allow the hitchhikers you're washing off to safely reach the new body of water and contaminate it. So when you wash your boat, be careful of where the runoff is going. And when you do decide to use cleaning products, try to make sure the boat is far away from any bodies of water to reduce the chances of chemical pollution in the aquatic ecosystem.

These three actionable tips will help you plan your boat cleaning habits in order to maximize their eco-friendliness. Remember, you should also incorporate other eco-friendly habits into your routine, such as keeping everything on your deck secured so that trash won't blow away and litter the area but instead can be packed out and disposed of in a trash can. Contact a trusted boating company, like Boater's Landing or a similar location, for more tips and info.