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4 Considerations For First Time Archers

Archery can be a fun and fulfilling past time, whether you are just shooting at stationary targets or using your bows and arrows to go hunting. When you are first getting into archery, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind in order to get the most out of your first archery experience.

Purchasing a Bow

When it comes to being a first time archer, the first thing you should focus on is purchasing a bow. A solid bow will ensure that you will be able fire your arrow or bolt with relative ease. Generally speaking, the more expensive the bow, the greater you will be able to fire it with ease.

However, these are generally professional grade bows that are available to expert archers and should not be used by novices. It is important to look for a good bow within your budget. Consult with representatives at local sporting good retailers who can help you find a bow within your strength and price range.


One of the first things that a first time archer should realize is that they should have adequate targets with which to practice their techniques. For younger archers, something very simple can serve as a target.

For example, balloons can be filled up and launched, or simply placed against a tree. Aim for the balloon that is anchored by the tree or a string or rock. There are other forms of targets that beginning archers can use, as many older novice archers are loathe to use something such as a balloon.

Paper targets can be purchased for a very small amount and can be used several times over. Paper targets can be placed on vertical areas, such as trees, which will allow for easy aim, and you can easily change the distance from yourself to the target.


There are numerous ways in which younger archers can receive mentoring or lessons for archery. Many institutions exist that teach younger people archery lessons, such as the YMCA, 4-H Clubs, your city's parks and recreations department, local archery clubs, local archery pro shops, sporting goods retailers, hardware stores, and family or friends who have experience with archery or family or friends who regularly hunt.

However, if you are an adult who wishes to experience the joys of archery or who is a novice archer, then there are also plenty of options from which you can choose. Much like younger individuals, older novice archers can also take classes from institutions. Plenty of other introductions to the world of archery are also available, such as lessons on DVD and various websites which can help you hone archery practices.


The vast majority of those who practice archery also hunt using a bow and arrow. There are a few things you should know about the phenomenon of hunting before you go off into the world and begin trying to bag a big buck! First and foremost, your safety is paramount. If you are a first time hunter, then it is imperative that you experience your first hunt with others who are well experienced in the world of hunting.

Concealment is also imperative. Make sure you are properly camouflaged corresponding to the region of where you are hunting; this also means that you are using camo paint so that your face is also properly concealed.

Try to go on a day that has little to no wind. If you are hunting with a bow for the first time, it will be easier for you to hit prey if you don't have to worry about calculating for changes in the arrow's movement due to wind.

Keep these things in mind when you start out in archery in order to stay safe and have a good experience as a new archer. For more information, contact a business such as Wilcox Bait Tackle.